Street Fighter vs Music

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Street Fighter vs Music

Every now and again I hear a sample from Street Fighter being used in a track and that immediately gets my attention, in a good way.  So when this REDmatter challenge came up I thought it’d be a ‘Perfect’ reason to compile a list of the top music related things influenced by Street Fighter …

“Round 1, Fight!”

5. Hadouken!

What better way to pay tribute to Street Fighter than to name your band after one of the most famous samples from the game.  This is what British grindie band Hadouken! did, forever relating them to the Street Fighter legacy.

Hadouken by Jinnaboy

Hadouken, literally means “wave motion fist” or “surge fist”, is a special attack used by Ryu and Ken. The move is achieved by the character thrusting their palms forward, sending a surge of spirit energy, or ki, flying towards the opponent. 

Not to be confused with the special attack move Shoryuken, also used by Ryu and Ken and a commonly used sample, which is a jumping uppercut in which the user spins and rockets upwards with horizontal movement.

Hadouken! don’t use any Street Fighter samples in their tracks, though here’s a highlight track from their 2010 album ‘For the Masses’ …


4. Dizzee Rascal – Street Fighter Freestyle

Back in 2002 Dizzee Rascal was an up and coming MC who was about to drop one of the most original and game-changing British hip-hop albums of the time.  (Ten years on some would say he’s since sold out to making non-descript pop records).


And before ‘Boy in da corner’ appeared Dizzee released a demo in which he freestyled over the soundtrack of Chun-Li’s theme from Street Fighter II.  Chun-Li’s claim to fame being that she was the first playable female character to appear in a 1-on-1 fighting game.

The track is raw but and never made it onto an album, but hey, it samples the Street Fighter soundtrack so ‘You Win’.

Check out Dizzee Rascal’s Street Fighter Freestyle recorded on Rinse FM back in the day …


“Spinning bird kick”

3. ALXMLS – Laid Out

Round 1, Fight

Cardiff based producer ALXMLS released this electronica track with several Street Fighter samples that compliment the track perfectly.

Predominately repeating the samples “Round 1, Fight”, “Japan” (Ryu’s and E Honda’s base locations) and “You Win”, the track also has an grindhouse soundtracky feel so they’re not out of place.

You can hear the track here, also check out ALXMLS’s Soundcloud

“You Win”

2. D Double E – Street Fighter Riddim

The ultimate tribute to Street Fighter is to write a track about it, well this track, from grime artist D Double E, is him rapping about how great he is by using rhymes about Street Fighter characters.  The heavily used Street Fighter samples and a killer bassline makes this an awesome track for grime fans and Street Fighter geeks alike.

Lyrical highlights include “I’m a lyrical black belt like Ryu”; “Cos I’m shocking MCs like Blanka”and “You’ll get a scar on your chest like Sagat”.  OK so on paper these may not come across and genius lyrics but in the context of the track they really do flow amazingly well!

Here’s the official video for Street Fighter Riddim which also stays true to it’s Street Fighter influence …

“Sonic Boom”

1. Akira The Don – The Street Fighter Mixtape

What better for Street Fighting music fans then a whole album of Street Fighter related music.  Akira The Don’s Street Fighter Mixtape goes much further than sampling the game, the British hip-hop producer has managed to create an original 16 track album with each track paying tribute to the Street Fighter series.

This is an unconventional hip hop / electronica mix of awesome-ness that would stand-alone regardless of the it’s purpose of being a Street Fighter tribute.

You can listen to the whole mixtape here, enjoy!

Akira The Don: The Street Fighter Mixtape by Akira The Don