Remixes to make your spine rattle

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Remixes to make your spine rattle

The best remixes are those that not only could stand out as an original track in itself but also, and maybe more importantly those that are so powerful that they rattle your spine, or make you want to bounce uncontrollably or just shout waaaaaarrrrgghhh!

Here’s some of my favourite recent remixes that have done just that to me that I’ve played out on my Invader FM show …

Mutated Forms – Wastegash (The Upbeats Remix)

Mutated Forms’ Wastegash was already an anthem but then came along The Upbeats with a remix that hits you full on in the face with a fierce stepping bass-line. For me probably one of the best remixes I’ve ever heard.

I Am Legion – Choosing For You (Nightwatch Remix)

The I Am Legion collab between Noisia and Foreign Beggars is just an incredible thing in itself.  Then comes along Nightwatch, who actually is Noisia, to unleash absolute mayhem onto your ears with this remix of ‘Choosing For You’. An absolute must listen for all bass junkies.

Quintino & MOTi – Dynamite Ft. Taylr Renee (Yellow Claw Remix)

Yellow Claw are relentless at the moment, they’re not just hitting us hard with original tracks but also the they’re releasing an array ofawesome remixes which are just as fierce. This remix of Quintino & MOTi’s Dynamite is high tempo with added BOOM.

Major Lazer – Jet Blue Jet (Tropkillaz Remix)

Major Lazer released a remix pack for their track Jet Blue Jet and for me the stand out remix was from Brazilian bass duo Tropkillaz. This is a unique sounding mix of bass, trap, latino and global, so get your best bouncing daps on ready for the uncontrollable urge to jump once you press play on this one.

Dog Blood – Chella Ride (Broadway Slim Remix)

Broadway Slim is a collab of Pickster One and Riot Earp. This remix of Dog Blood’s Chella Ride is pumped up with heavy drops whilst still retains the break-beat style of the original. Big on the waaaarrgghhh scale!

Diplo feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex – Set It Off (TheFatRat Remix)

The remix king himself Diplo get’s the TheFatRat treatment on his track Set It Off which gets taken to a new level of bass heaviness. A pure and simple dancefloor filler.

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